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"Several years ago, I was referred to George Barnett by a friend for a medical malpractice matter following the death of my wife. I had contacted several attorneys to find the one who would best meet my needs. The more I got to know George, the more I liked him and the more comfortable I was letting him into my life at a time of immense grief. When you are going through a time like this, while you want an attorney who is professional and aggressive, you also need someone who is compassionate and understanding. I was confident with George's abilities to handle the legal aspects of the case which gave me time to help my children cope with the loss of their mother. In any legal case there will be times when things take what may appear to be a negative turn. In my situation, without painting too rosy of a picture, George explained how we would face those issues and continue the fight. He is a tough advocate and one you will want in your corner. Over time I have come to consider George a friend and ally. I would not hesitate to refer a friend to him or to contact him again for help in the future."

Kraig N.

"George Barnett is A-1 to me. He is absolutely the best at helping clients understand the process. He was so patient with me, was never pushy or trying to force me into any kind of settlement. At my deposition he made such an impression on me, allowing me to speak my mind and tell my story. He never made me feel silly or like a little old lady he was trying to help. He was very considerate of my feelings and cared deeply how I was getting along. At mediation he was 110% in my corner and keep fighting for me. He stood by me even when the mediator was trying to push for a lower settlement. I am so thankful I chose George for my attorney. You will not find a better advocate if you are injured."

Martha S.

"George Barnett came to my rescue following a very scary time in my life. I traveled to New Orleans and while staying at a nice hotel, my friend and I were attacked at gunpoint and injured at the hotel. I had an attorney in New Orleans and the best he could get the hotel to pay was $35,000 - not even enough to cover my injuries and trauma. I contacted George when I got home. He isn't JUST an attorney, he is a counselor with a kind, caring, and gentle heart. He truly listens and cares. I could not have made it through the PTSD and nightmares without George Barnett. He is a great attorney to have on your side. Once I contacted George, the hotel started listening and while they fought back, George stuck with me through all the drama, fought for me, and got a great result."

Rita E.